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Why We Do It...
(letters CCPR has received)

                                                                                                                                                                               April 15, 2020


Dear Wallyce,         


Wallyce, I want to send a big thank you to you and your staff for the astonishing job that you all do for individuals in need within the community. My desire to become a social worker was to be able to advocate and assist those in need, and part of assisting individuals is having the resources readily available to eliminate the barriers for the individuals. Your organization is what I consider a phenomenal resource that acts immediately to the needs of these individuals.  

I have never worked with an organization that is so dedicated in serving individuals and families as you all are. You and your staff go beyond the call of duty to assist any individual or family when they need it most. It has been an inspiring experience to know that at anytime I can call and inform you of a situation with an individual or family and you are always there immediately to assist in meeting their needs.

During this crisis with COVID-19 it has been a challenge for all, especially with the clients whom we serve through our organization, and it has been such a relief to know that your organization has been operating through the crisis and assisting with the needs that many individuals are having. In our organization, working with pregnant mothers, where they have needed strollers, diapers, formula and other essential items, we have been able to count on you to assist us in assisting them. I am so grateful that you all are a part of this community.

I still remember needing a certain item for a family and you all were the first organization that I contacted. The item that was needed at the time, you did not have it available, but that did not stop you. You continued reaching out to others and were able to obtain the item immediately. I remember the excitement of the family when I was able to give them the news that because of your organization, they were able to receive the item they needed.

CCPR Social Service Support.jpg

Your organization is very much needed in this community and I do not believe that there are other organizations like yours in this community. I am so grateful for all the hard work that you and your staff put in to meet the needs of others. You are a true blessing to the community. I pray that you will be able to continue with your organization for many years to come. Thank you tremendously for all you do.


A caring social worker  

"Hurricane Matthew blew into town, destroying many homes, mine included. At the time, Wallyce Todd was a stranger to me, yet she quickly stepped in and provided much needed help, resources, support, and prayers for my family and me.

During those early days, Wallyce was in the planning stages of Community CPR. I witnessed her dive into action with numerous families in need of help in Columbus County, and knew God had sent this incredible angel on a mission, and I knew her success would not just be personal, but would be success for our community. I am thrilled to say I was correct.


One year later, my family and I still struggled. Money was scarce and we were on the threshold of once again losing everything. The fear of losing another home, power, and water, and my children going hungry was a much greater fear than I can effectively communicate. Community CPR stepped up to action and put us in contact with resources to help get us on our feet, including Catholic Charities and more. Because of their hard work, generosity, and determination, our needs were met, our bellies full, and we received the emotional support, encouragement, and counseling to move forward.


One of the best feelings was the day my children slept in well-made beds with brand new mattresses, all donated to us with the help of Community CPR, Whiteville United Methodist Church, East Columbus High School Shop Students, and others. After all they had bravely faced and overcome, they were finally able to sleep in comfortable beds and not wake up the following morning with sore bodies from old, sagging mattresses. Knowing they rested better promoted better rest for me as well.


Community CPR has helped teach my children the art of giving and continues to give opportunities for my family and me to give back to our community. I have met such wonderful, strong women and made amazing friends. I received the encouragement and supported I was lacking to overcome my fears, my anxiety, my insecurities, and learned to step out into the world and begin building my career. Without their help meeting my physical needs and especially my emotional needs, I would not be the person I am today. I am excited for the future of Community CPR and proud to be a small part of an organization that gives from the heart."

Well as I was sitting one day, sitting and thinking and praying at the same time, I was thinking what I was going to get me away from some of the things going on in my life. As I sat there something came to me and I remembered the day before someone gave me a number to a church I could call. I called and talked to a lady. She didn’t have the means to help me at that time so she gave me another number. I called and on the other end of the line was such a happy voice that it made me smile. I told her I had to up and leave my last home for my kids safety. I had nothing at all, so we met. Because of donations made to CCPR, my family has beds to sleep in, a table where we can all eat dinner at, and other things that have been such a blessing. Thanks to CCPR I am doing so much better in life, it just gives me a good warm feeling.


Thanks to my Holy Father I can let go and let God. God showed me that there are still people out here that really care. Through Christ all things are possible. I am more than happy to say that I am a part of the CCPR team. Thanks for blessing me.

I came to help a friend and then I got a blessing when I received something I really needed to get my bed off the floor. Now, when I can, I would love to come back and help others because somebody helped me.

~George MacDonaald

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