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Traveling Man Outreach Program

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Homelessness is not just an issue in urban areas. Increasingly, rural areas are seeing more and more folks who do not have safe, secure and/or stable housing.

We invite you to watch the below video. It introduces "The Traveling Man(kind)" Outreach, for those who are homeless. Community CPR is grateful for its partnership with West Whiteville Baptist Church, whose members created our "Traveling Man" resources.

In the video, you will hear from Allison Powell Shuping, as she shares how her heart was touched when she saw someone sleeping under a local overpass in Columbus County. This led her, her husband and members of their church to create bags to give those who are without secure housing.

For anyone who is without housing and is living on the streets, in the woods, or in their car, please let them know they can call or text: 910-625-7221 and CCPR team members will meet up with them in a secure location to share these string backpacks with them and more. (CCPR's own Indya Barfield created a resource sheet that we will post later and that will also be included in these bags).

Again, the number to call or text is 910-625-7221.

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