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Volunteers rebuild heart of Fair Bluff to reignite a community

FAIR BLUFF, NC (WWAY) — The Town of Fair Bluff is still recovering after back-to-back hurricanes flooded area homes and businesses.

But this summer, volunteers from Columbus County and across the country, like Justin Jones, are teaming up to rebuild, starting with the Building Bridges Community Center.

“Just painting, replacing the sheet rock, taking out floor, putting in new floor,” said Jones. “Every week we have a new project.”

Retired school teacher and Progressive Women’s Group president, Carol Graham says Building Bridges tutors area children in reading and math. When it was up and running, it gave students the one-on-one help they lacked during the pandemic.

“And so many students were left behind this year,” said Graham “They probably still will be.”

The community center had only just recovered from Hurricane Matthew, and was getting ready to welcome children back to their tutoring and after school programs when Florence hit.

“It… it was devastating,” Graham remembered.

But as groups like Praying Pelican Missions, Community CPR, Catholic Charities, and youth groups from around the US take turns renovating, opening day could once again be within reach.

“We want to get this location on their feet, so that they can start letting kids back in hopefully by the end of summer,” said Jones. Graham replied, “It makes me feel like someone cares about us. And we’re so blessed that they have decided to come and do what they can here for the community and for our youths and for everybody.”

Rebuilding the heart of Fair Bluff, to bring the community back to life.

“It doesn’t look like much now, but I still have faith,” Graham smiled. “And I believe we’re going to be ok.”

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