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Where I Come From Workshop Opportunity

Do you know a young woman would be interested in producing media content about their hometown? Wallyce Todd of Community CPR provides details about an upcoming 2-3 week workshop.

Check out this opportunity for Columbus County young women aged between 13/14-19 to be part of a media workshop project... "Where I Come From."

Working Narratives is partnering with Community CPR (thanks to a grant from South Arts) to highlight rural life... its blessings and challenges through music, dance, spoken word and more.

Fill out the 1 MINUTE application here now:

The objectives of Coastal Youth Media Project are to:

  • Use media as a tool to prepare young people for success in school, work, and life.

  • Empower participants to become engaged citizens and to recognize the interconnections between coastal communities and the rest of the world.

  • Build upon the rich history of coastal culture to empower our youth to develop their voices and creative abilities.

  • Amplify the voices of youth on the North Carolina coast so they can reach local communities and the decision-makers who affect their lives.

The Coastal Youth Media Project was founded by Working Narratives staff, who come from the fields of journalism, art, and organizing. We are inspired by the example of such organizations as Global Action Project (New York); Wide Angle Lens (Maryland); Youth Radio (California); and Appalachian Media Institute (Kentucky).

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