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Our Presence Can Be Meaningful

“Sometimes the bravest and most important thing you can do is just show up.”

                                                                        -Brene Brown

Believe it or not, our presence around each other is powerful and at times we may take it for granted.  Sometimes we may feel like we have to enter a space and use our words to make a terrible situation seem lighter.  We might even try to formulate different plans of actions that we think will make the pain of a crisis go away.  What I’ve learned is that every time I’ve tried to fix a situation with my hands or even with my words, it still doesn’t take away the pain that is experienced by the one that is going through tough times.  When things fall apart, rather than me trying to figure out what I could do or say, the only thing I needed to offer was my presence. The only thing that I needed to do was to simply show up. To be willing to step into the middle of someone’s crisis and offer them your full attention and empathy speaks more loudly than any words that one may formulate. Sometimes people just need to feel the presence of another human being, knowing that there will be moments when our words will fail us, our presence can be meaningful.

As we continue to embark in unknown territory, I invite you to let people know that you are present (even while social distancing) and that you care. As we continue to show up for our patients let us also continue to show up for one another


Jeremy SImmons

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